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Our Premier Passions

June 13th, 2017

20 years on from a fly on the wall documentary Sir Bob remembers the cameras at Roker Park fondly.

Having a BBC film crew follow club officials for a year sounded daunting to some but it was something the then Chairman was keen to do:

“It opened us up, and people could see us as we were,” he said .

“Particularly with the new stadium being built. It was the contrast between the old business and the new.

“We were running a Premier League business out of these old facilities, while trying to build this new thing.

“We were building something new, but at the same time trying to stay in the Premier League with the old ground which we just, just, failed to do.”

And of the decision to let the cameras in, he added: “It was eye-opening for everyone.

“We had no control over it – it was entirely up to the BBC to decide what was broadcast.

“It wasn’t a promotional film, or a commercial. “But it was great TV, wasn’t it?

“I wanted to do it to open up the club. “When I came to the club, it was not open to everybody.

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