Sir Bob’s Cup Final Review

March 1st, 2014

“It was fantastic to be a Sunderland supporter at Wembley. I felt really proud of the team and how they played and of the fans. The atmosphere was electric and you could see what it meant to every SAFC fan to be there. Everyone around me said they’d never heard a roar like it when Sunderland scored.

“ I thought Gus got it right too in terms of selection, subs and tactics. It was a big occasion and he and the team did us all proud.

“I’ve always really loved Manchester City as a club. They are a big community club like Sunderland and the fans have backed their club in good and bad times, despite living in the shadow of Manchester United for many years.

“They know what it’s like to have ups and downs and not so long ago had to endure lower divisions. But, I don’t think we were beaten by that Manchester City on Sunday, the thing that separated us was money.

“I really hope all the players and the fans can take all the pride and positives from the game and it lifts everyone for the rest of the season.”