Backing Sunderland 2021 Bid

May 20th, 2016

Sir Bob attended a lunch to thank backers of the £18m Beacon of Light project in Sunderland on 30th September. He said, “I was delighted to attend the lunch at the Stadium of Light to personally thank the patrons, benefactors and sponsors of the Beacon of Light project.

“We have come a long way and overcome some significant milestones since we announced our plans for the community development in Sunderland so I felt very heartened to be in the company of so many likeminded people who share our values, and who want to make a lasting difference to people in the northeast.”

The Beacon of Light will be a first, and like the Foundation of Light, will be pioneering in its approach and aspirations. It will fuse together sport, education, the world of work and health like no other place in the UK.

“It is because of my own personal experience in education that I continue to feel so driven to championing its importance, and why at the Foundation of Light we believe everyone deserves the chance to unlock their true potential and shine.

“I also have a little personal experience in sport! And I know combining sport and education is a compelling and potent mix. Through the Beacon it is our ambition to help people, young and old, to learn more, do more and be more to change many lives for the better. “