First Love

February 23rd, 1954

It was in 1954 that Bob’s love affair with Sunderland AFC began, when at the tender age of eight his father took him to the Clock Stand at Roker Park for the first time to see Sunderland play the team of the day Wolverhampton Wanderers. Little did his father realise that his boy would knock the stadium down one day.

The score was 0-0 on the day and there were 46,463 at Roker Park to see the match. He recalls, “In those days there was no segregation of home and away fans and the Roker Roar was immense. I thought we’d won my first match and my dad never put me right!” He has been an avid supporter ever since.

It is interesting that he regards his lifelong passion as his greatest business challenge“because where I come from a job is a job, but football is life.”