August 23rd, 1999

Bob sporting the beautiful red and white stripes in the board room at St James’ Park, Aug 1999

“My best memory of a Tyne  Wear Derby has to be August 1999. It was a fantastic match but the weather was unbelievable.

It was like a tropical storm!


“Newcastle was re-developing the stadium and had part of the roof off. Oddly enough, the seats for NUFC directors were under cover but the ones for the Sunderland official party were not! We got absolutely drenched but didn’t mind one bit because we won 2-1. It was a fantastic game with Philips and Quinn both hitting the back of the net.


“We were so wet after the game that I sent down to the dressing room to bring the spare subs kit up to the board room and I got changed into it.


“So, there I was in the Newcastle board room, having won 2-1 and wearing the beautiful red and white stripes. My only regret is that my dad never saw me – that would have been fantastic!”